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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Um, who doesn't like free stuff?

Faithfully Frugal & Free (blog) is hosting 2 HUGE GIVEAWAYS with tons of our bows!
If you see any bows you'd love to have, then please enter the giveaway! Of course, you
can always purchase them here (go to "hair bows" --> "faithfully frugal & free")!

I hope you win!

*There are two giveaways--- one geared toward toddlers & pre-schoolers and the other
for school girls!


Friday, March 12, 2010


Go check out the blog write-up Shasta from Faithfully Frugal & Free! did on

AND be sure to nab our COUPON CODE just for fans of Shasta's website (and of course our customers!)
As a mother to three little girls, and another little one on the way, I very much understand getting a good deal!
So here's one from one mamma to another: FAITHFUL

And be sure to check back here with a link to a HUGE GIVEAWAY FROM US!
Here's just a few of the newest bows we've created just for the giveaway (also available on our site):

All of these are currently available at Three Little Bows Boutique

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Featured on a Blog!

Three Little Bows Boutique is going to be featured on an amazing website I found a few weeks ago!
Shasta, the blogger, is a mama & military wife AND has made it her job to find good deals, FREE deals, and the like for us moms out there!
Here's the link to her blog  Faithfully Frugal and Free!

For one of FF&F! giveaways, I have made some adorable bows w/ blingy cherry centers (like the ones on her blog!), as well as a Frog Prince bows and more . . . I'll post them soon . . . Along, with the information on how to win them on Faithfully Frugal and Fun! .  Of course, if you'd like to grab them without having to compete with other moms out there, we'll have a link posted on here as well directly to the bows via Three Little Bows Boutique online site!

I hope you enjoy Shasta's site and all that fun ways she's found to watch your pennies . . . you know, so you have more pennies for the fun things in life, like adorning your daughter's hair with cute little bows ;)

To give you an idea of what we've been introducing to our boutique lately (and don't forget to checkout our newly revamped site & sign-up for our newsletter for COUPON CODES!):

All of these are available NOW at Three Little Bows Boutique